Age cut-off - 2.10 - 3.9 years at the start of Term 1  

The Neev Pre-K curriculum ensures the strongest foundation for future learning within a safe environment where every child can feel valued, confident and independent.

Our curriculum involves 6 new learning objectives each week  that are met through group and individual experiential learning activities and play. Children have the freedom to choose from writing centers, reading and math centers, dramatic play, block areas, art activities and motor activities.

Our rich classroom environment focuses on literacy skills and well known children's books make the perfect springboard for exciting activities. At this stage we also introduce children to computers as a fun medium for learning. 

Long term projects are steadily integrated into the curriculum. The outdoors gradually becomes an extension of the indoors in learning. Lessons are designed from the learning objectives and carefully developed monthly themes.

We provide an academically rich, developmentally appropriate environment to stimulate and enhance growth.