Age Cut-off - 1 year 6 months as on June / November  

From the time children become mobile, they are such a force of nature – everything they do, suggests that that is their life’s work, and gets their single minded focus. And all of their effort is centered around meaningful play which makes them learn about the world and primes them for future achievements. While young children naturally turn to their parents & care providers as play partners, it doesn’t mean that keeping up with these intrepid explorers is not a challenge. Just trying to think of activities that will keep them happily busy, leave alone engaged & stimulated, can tax the resources of the most imaginative of us! That’s where the Neev pre-toddler programme comes in.

At Neev, we center development for pre-toddlers around stimulation of their senses & brain development through Play experiences, with teachers who are sensitive to their cues and provide encouragement with affection.





All this is based on developing varied plans for each days activities focused on developing:

- Gross Motor skills & Fine Motor skills as dynamic systems
- Sensory and perceptual development
- Hand – eye coordination
- Language and comprehension
- Age appropriate free play or make believe play.
- Building blocks for preoperational thought
- Self conscious emotions through development of routines    individually or in groups

Children are encouraged to participate, but allowed to be independent in individual and group activities or simply exploring the rich, stimulating environment and resources all leading to encourage cognitive development, construction of knowledge and use of language. The teachers & care providers schedule physical care as per the needs or routine with a goal of developing a strong routine in the childrens lives while building independence and nurturing the innate curiosity.


NOTE: The Pre-toddler programme is available only in some branches.