"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
- William Arthur Ward

For children at such an impressionable age, inspiration can last a life time. At Neev, we recognize this fact.

Our teachers are aware of the responsibility of teaching and nurturing children who are at this age of immense growth and change. Each teacher knows the important role they play in encouraging  your child’s zest for learning. That's why the role of faculty at Neev goes much beyond just 'instruction'  to that of a teacher, friend and  guide.

To make sure each child’s needs are addressed, we follow a strict teacher- student ratio of 2:18. Each faculty member is highly qualified in early childhood education. Out staff also comprise specialists - experts in the fields of performing and fine arts as well as science and technology.

Constant training allows our teachers to hone their own skills and ensure a creative and innovative approach to classroom practices. A combination of patience, compassion and knowledge helps each teacher cater to individual learning needs, stimulating children to reach their full potential.

All Neev faculty are selected with the best qualifications and experience and are further trained by International and Indian trainers on child centric practice and creative teaching. Neev faculty are geared for making children talk and help them achieve learning goals through group and individual tasks.