At Neev, we have developed a distinct curriculum that is designed to nurture and challenge a child’s diverse intellectual capabilities and talents, guiding them to their full potential

Multiple intelligences
Our child centric curriculum is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The theory says that human beings have different intelligences that include linguistic, mathematical, kinesthetic, inter/intra personal, musical and spatial development. That is why children learn in different ways and diverse paces. Learning environments the world over are using this approach to transform the way they teach and the way children learn.

Learning Goals
The 6 areas of learning at Neev are further defined by ‘learning objectives’ that progress like stepping stones every week starting from age appropriate simple objectives and progress through various levels of challenge to achieve higher and higher learning progressively. These learning objectives ensure that the learning development for each child and knowledge goals are met. The ‘learning objectives’ also form the basis of assessments for internally mapping each child's progress and feedback to parents.

Best of both worlds
By integrating the best global practices with the Indian context, our curriculum equips children to meet the changing societal needs of a global community.

Learning through doing
All learning at Neev is experiential. We believe that any kind of learning should be the outcome of the actual experience. Curiosity is encouraged and learning is always a fun-filled, exploratory process.

The curriculum is divided into “themes” that are carried across learning areas. Concepts are brought alive through auditory, visual and kinesthetic experiences that include activities, field trips and constant interaction.