We believe that being a “good teacher” is not only about being highly qualified and having teaching experience. At Neev we look for people who are also caring, patient, and most importantly best suited to interacting with young children. We expect our faculty to have a true passion for educating as well as a life long commitment to both learning and their career. Do you think you fit the bill?

Neev as an employer
Neev offers immense opportunity for both personal and professional growth within the organization. We offer a space that is both creative and exciting. Through regular training programs, we also offer our people the chance to upgrade and fine tune their skills.

Career development
As part of the Neev team, you will play an important role not just in the lives of the children you teach but also in transforming the way pre-school education exists today.

Positions (applicants interested in full time positions only)
  Staff coordinators - 5 to 10 years experience with Early Childhood teaching qualifications  
  Fine arts and performing arts specialist - 4 to 9 years combined relevant experience  
  Teachers - 2 to 5 years experience and Early Childhood teaching qualifications  
  Teaching assistants - 0-2 yrs experience with Early Childhood teaching qualifications  
  People with eclectic creative backgrounds related to small children – languages, story writing, performing and fine arts, etc. are encouraged to apply for unique positions.  
  Email: career@neevschools.com  
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